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Reetta Ristimäki

Reetta Ristimäki


Tel. 050 3803050

Nea Huovinen

Nea Huovinen


Tel. 050 5901201

Greta Productions

Greta Tuotanto / Greta Productions is an artistic production agency founded by Reetta Ristimäki in 2016, which designs and produces e.g. musical theater and opera performances.


In its productions, Greta Productions focuses especially on historical and social topics, as well as on immersive performances that captivate the audience. The productions are mainly musical theater performances or operas. Greta Productions does not have a permanent performance space, however, shows are designed and performed not only in theaters and cultural spaces but also in other spaces such as museums, restaurants, and historically authentic venues.


Greta Productions’ projects are created within each production team and are usually in cooperation with other actors in the cultural sector. Most of the stage works and concerts in the repertoire are designed for touring possibilities, as they tour festivals, cultural spaces, concert halls, theater stages, and other spaces in different parts of Finland. Greta Productions has taken responsibility for the cooperation of the independent opera field and the new Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival, which unites independent opera groups in Finland. The festival takes place annually in August and September and is part of Helsinki Festival’s program.


Greta Productions has its premises in Malminkatu, Helsinki, which includes a rehearsal studio, a sewing atelier, an office, and costume and props storage. Greta Productions’ studio space and its facilities are rented out at an affordable price to people in the cultural sector.


Greta Productions is run by a two-person team, which includes artistic director Reetta Ristimäki, who is responsible for artistic and CEO responsibility, and producer Nea Huovinen. Greta Productions employs around 100 freelancers in its productions every year. The operation is supervised by the government and financed by operating grants from the City of Helsinki and the Arts Promotion Center Finland. In addition, Greta Productions applies for project funding from foundations and looks for collaborators from the cultural sector and the business world.


Greta Productions is part of the rainbow-friendly We Speak Gay community. Our company is committed to treating all employees and customers with respect and equality, regardless of gender, race, skin color, age, nationality, religion, culture, or sexual orientation. The goal of the We Speak Gay community is to make Finland even more empathetic and inclusive, the most rainbow-friendly country in the world.

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