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Max & Moritz

max & moritz



1 h, no intermission






3 and older

Composed by Jukka Linkola and written in the 1980s by Pertsa Reponen, the classic musical "Max & Moritz" tells the story of two rascals who never stop playing pranks. The children drive adults to their wits' end as they try to find ways to discipline the unruly kids. Max and Moritz simply want to live in the moment and enjoy life, but they continuously clash with the will of adults. Catchy tunes and fast-paced twists ensure a musical theater experience for the whole family. The musical will have its long-awaited Helsinki premiere in August 2024!


In addition to humor and vibrant action, the musical carries a particularly timely message today. The performance is based on the classic 19th-century story by Wilhelm Busch, considered a pioneer of children's literature that explores fantasies of freedom. Like many other fairy-tale characters, Max and Moritz grow up without parents, lacking adult care and upbringing.

This contemporary rendition of the performance is directed by Ville Saukkonen. It stars vocalists Anni Niemelä, Mia Heikkinen, and Reetta Ristimäki, accompanied by musicians Hannu Risku, Esko Grundström, and Kalle Katz. The visual aesthetics, including costume and set design, are crafted by Hanna Hakkarainen, while the lighting is ingeniously designed by Tuittu Teivainen. Jussi Littunen contributes as the repetiteur.


The production is produced by Greta Productions.

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